Quadgen Pharmaceutical

A duly Licensed Distributor of quality medicines that came from qualified laboratories Giving every Filipino access to a better quality healthcare


We deliver drugs to every setting of care, from national and retail chain pharmacies to independent pharmacies, hospitals, health systems and clinics.

Our strong supplier relationships, combined with deep supply-chain expertise, allow us to deliver the right drug at the right time. From alternate-site and extended-care pharmacies to national chains and independents, we’re here to help you offer your patients the excellent yet affordable healthcare they deserve.

Open Market

Our comprehensive generic drug purchasing and distribution services deliver the right generic drugs, at the right time, in the right amount and in the right packaging to pharmacies of all types and sizes. We help your pharmacy manage pharmaceutical costs with competitive generic drug pricing.


Access a wide variety of high-quality, first-to-market brand name prescription medications at competitive wholesale prices with our nationwide drug purchasing and distribution services Distributors have access to a wide selection of brand name drugs at competitive prices. Our sourcing network is supported by long-standing supplier-manufacturer relationships


We provide comprehensive and knowledgeable customer service and support for all your pharmaceutical supply needs. Our trained customer service representatives are available to help you with orders, returns, pricing, and are available to help with invoice and payment questions. Customer Service is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Serving quality and affordable medicine

Your partner in quality and affordable healthcare, offers you the most affordable yet quality products. Now serving customers all over the country and will continually guarantee the most breakthrough items and medicines.”

Deo Vincent Encinares

Deo Vincent Encinares

CEO, Quadgen Pharmaceutical


Recognized as one of the fastest growing locally owned pharmaceutical in the Philippines, launching exclusive products one after another